Documents for Russian Tourist Visa

   For applying to the Russian Consulate you should prepare the following documents to the Russian Consulate: 

  1. Valid passport with one empty page. The expiration date of your passport should not be earlier than 3 months after your visa validity ends. Sometimes it is required also to submit 2 copies of your passport (copy all the main pages of your passport with your name, photo, passport number, expiration date). 
  2.  Visa Application Form filled out, signed and printed (you should fill it out on the official website of Ministry of Foreign Affairs. You can read the instruction here How to fill in the Russian visa application form. We can also fill in your form for you for a small fee of 10$ if you have no time to do it. Send your request to
  3.  Two passport-size photos (photos must be recent and taken against white background, pay attention that you are without glasses and hat). 
  4. For individual travelers: invitation (or other name is "visa support" "tourist voucher’ or tourist reservation confirmation"), issued by a Russian tourist agency authorized in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA), or directly from a Russian hotel, showing the reference number of the company in the MFA and the confirmation number for the visa. 

   See Invitation letter (voucher or tourist confirmation) to know more and to order your invitation. 

   It is always better to find out in the Russian Embassy of your country if the original of the invitation is required or only a copy. The invitation includes 2 papers: confirmation and voucher.

   Please note that if you received the invitation from a local tourist company (in your country), the Russian consulate can ask to submit a cover letter with the indication of your name, dates of entry and departure, your itinerary, reference number of the travel agency.  

   The Consulates of Japan and Australia also can require a cover letter and in this case it will be submitted to you for free. But first try to apply without it and request the cover letter only if  the Consulate requires it.

     5.The citizens of Schengen countries, USA, Canada, Australia and Israel also should submit an insurance valid in Russia.   The citizens of UK don’t need to buy an insurance as the is valid in Russia.

     6. The citizens of France are required sometimes to submit a bank account statement for the last 3 months and a copy of return tickets (as well as the insurance).

   Many Russian consulates don’t require the originals of the invitation: a fax or a scan sent by e-mail is enough. However they have the right to require the originals of the invitation. Anyway please refer to the website of the Russian consulate in your country. You can find the contact details of the Russian embassies or Visa centers on the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs website after choosing your language in the second unfolding line and your country in the first unfolding line. 

   For cruise passengers and group travelers: Russian visa should be made by organizers. You will be allowed to leave the port only together with organizers.