How to fill in the Russian visa application form

   As soon as you get your invitation and prepare all the other documents, go to the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs website and fill in the online Visa Application form. Choose your language in the second unfolding line and then your country in the first unfolding line.  There you will also see the contact details of the Consulates and Visa centers in your country with contact details where you will apply all your documents.

   We can also fill in your form for you for a small fee of 10$ if you have no time to do it. Send your request to

   Invent and enter your password and remember or put down the Application ID and the password, like this you will be able to correct your form later if necessary.

   There is nothing complicated in the Form. The most important thing you should pay your attention at: the information indicated in the online form should be exactly the same as indicated in your invitation. Otherwise your visa will be rejected or it will entail additional questions from the Consulate. And you don’t need them, do you?

   So here are some points that usually raise doubts while filling in the Form. Let’s consider them:

  1. You should indicate the same dates of entry and exit as in the invitation letter. You will be able to come and leave within this period, so take 2-3 days as a reserve.
  2. Name of the inviting company: indicate the name of the company who issued your invitation exactly as it is written in the invitation (usually begins with OOО or ZAO which means LLC or Ltd). Copy off its address.  Further inscribe the reference number of this company (also indicated in the invitation, usually 6-figure number). If you doubt or can’t find something, please contact us or the company who issued you the invitation letter. Then you will see Confirmation number. It is the number of your invitation and is written on the upper part of it. Type it in the line Confirmation number.
  3. In the line Route of journey choose all the cities written in your invitation. They won’t be indicated in your visa, so when you come to Russia, you will be free to go wherever you want.
  4. Concerning the insurance, if you are UK citizen, you can choose YES as NPS is valid in Russia. If you are from European Union you should find out if your insurance is valid in Russia. If not, you can buy any insurance for the period of your stay (usually about 10 $ a week).

   If you have any other questions concerning the Visa Application Form, please leave your comments here below or write to our e-mail