Photoshoot with a real bear: Stepan or Tom

   We are pleased to offer you an interesting shooting in a picturesque Russian forest with a kind bear Stepan or Tom.

   Bear Stepan is unique. He is very famous. The masters Svetlana and Yury have found him when he was a bear cub. He suffered from the hunters. They brought him up like their own child and he got so accustomed to the people that behaves like a pet. Not dangerous at all and very clever, no sedation and rough treatment! Now he is 25 (equal to 72 y.o. of a man) and he is a TV star. Stepan acts in the films, participates in the festivals and photoshoot. Sometimes people worry if the trainers treat well their animals. In case of Stepan you can be unworried: Svetlana and Yury love him and treat him like their beloved child. I saw it myself.

   We are all lucky to have a possibility to communicate with this charming bear and his masters.


  Shooting with a bear is organized as a photo day with the participation of several comers, however, individual shooting is possible on request. Family shooting is possible.

   The cost of a photoshoot with a bear (Stepan or Tom) is 417 USD


Included in cost:

- One suit in the Russian style, if needed (you can choose in our section Costumes.)

- 20 minutes of a photo shoot with a bear

- 20 minutes of a photo shoot in the forest without a bear

- Properties of small weight and volume: basket, samovar, dishes, apples, scarves ...

- 40-50 edited photos.


фото с мишкой на память, обнимашки с медведем Томом


The shooting location with the bear Stepan is a picturesque forest in about 19 km (Ivanteyevka area) (the exact coordinates are sent before shooting)

The shooting location with the bear Tom - a picturesque forest in Moscow region (not far from Moscow) near the Krugloe lake.


1. Specify the date of shooting by WA

2. The price is for one or two people. Surcharge for the second suit (if necessary) is 35 USD. The cost of shooting with more than 2 people is to be specified

3. Transportation by taxi can be organized
4. The advance payment is 83 USD by PayPal

5. Prepayment is not refundable
6. You can also order the services of an English speaking makeup artist and hair stylist, who will come to your home/hotel on the eve of the photo shoot and create a beautiful image. Weaving braids is possible, as well as a service for renting braids from live hair to your color. The cost is about 65USD paid to the makeup artist.
7. The deadline for submitting edited photos is 2 weeks.
8. Upon request, raw photos in raw format can be provided. In this case, edited photos are not provided.
    It is forbidden to be late for shooting, to be drunk, to make noise, to shoot the shooting process on video.