Fairy Wooden house in Saint-Petersburg

   This amazing house in Bolotnaya street in SP is an example why the wooden architecture in Russia needs to be protected. This is a perfect place where the children and adults would learn the music and arts.



   Here is the story of this terem.

   It was built in 1913 as a dacha of Henrikh Bertling, manager of the company Zinger famous that time in all Saint-Petersburg. After his decease the dacha belonged to the participant of the Russian- Japanese War Bertling who left Russia during the revolution.

   It is notable that 29 October 1917 in this house there was a secret meeting with participation of Vladimir Lenin and the resolution of the October revolution was signed.

   We can assume that thanks to this remarkable historical event this house was conserved. It was an orphanage during the Leningrad blockage and in 1972 the terem became a museum of the Russian political history. Now it’s a children’s center of historical education. The children learn musiс and arts, there are holiday programs for all the family.

   Address: Saint-Petesburg, Bolotnaya street, 13