Vyshny Volochyok

   Just amazing architectural complex is located in the small town Vyshny Volochyok on the way from Moscow to Saint-Petersburg.
The Kazan cathedral reminds a huge ancient castle.

   It was built in 1880 on the territory of the convent to conserve the miracle-working icon of the Mother of Kazan. The rich merchants of Moscow and Saint-Petersburg donated for the construction. The author of the project was the Moscow architect Alexander Kaminsky.

   Being finished the cathedral got much more impressive than expected.
It’s interesting that Kaminsky decided to make a similar project in Moscow and in 1881 a chapel was started in Nikolskaya street. You can see it in the old photo.

   Unfortunately we can’t see it now: it was demolished during Moscow reconstruction in 1934. However the Kazan cathedral in Vyshny Volochyok remained even during anti-religious soviet time. And we can admire it!