Fairytale house in Skhodnya

   Even nowadays near Moscow, you can still find wooden houses which are like from a fairytale.  One of them is located in Skhodnya, a town near Moscow. The original house was built in the second half of the 19th century by the Moscow industrialist Ivan Nikolaevich Proskuryakov. It was his countryside house located in a picturesque forest. The house was conceived in a pseudo-Russian style - with graceful turrets, all richly decorated with wooden carvings.


Фотосессия терем в Сходне
Фотосессия терем в Сходне
терем в Сходне
Фотосессия терем в Сходне

   After the revolution, the house was nationalized. In 1921, by decision of the Council of People's Commissars, the revolutionary Ivan Pavlovich Zhukov and his family lived in the house. Once, after hunting with Zhukov not far from Skhodnya, Vladimir Ilyich Lenin himself visited the house.

   It is surprising, but the cottage was returned to Proskuryakov family in the early 30s, but they did not own it for long - after a few years they sold the house to the state company.


   After the Great Patriotic War, the house lost its former beauty: the beautiful turrets were removed, the terrace was changed. In 1979, the Khimki Society for the Preservation of Monuments obtained permission and funding for the restoration of Proskuryakov’s house, as a monument of wooden architecture, and the place where Lenin visited.

   But, apparently, the restoration work was not brought to an end, since at the beginning of the 21st century the house was in poor condition. By 2010, the territory in which the summer cottage was located was bought. Fortunately, the owner decided to reconstruct the building (rebuild it again exactly as it was in the old photos of the pre-revolutionary period).

   At the moment, the house is located in the closed territory of the village "Chaliapinsky estate". It seems that now it has no purpose - it is empty inside, but to see this splendor is definitely worth it.