Kolomenskoye estate

   If you come to our city not for long but yet want to see and enjoy Russian countryside landscape atmosphere, I advise you to go to Kolomenskoye estate. You will be surprised by its green and quiet territory, immense apple-tree gardens, splendid views and the Ascension tent-shaped church (the first stone church of this type in Russia) built by order of Vasily III in honor of the birth of his sun Ivan the Terrible will leave you fascinated for long.



   Some of history

   So what is Kolomenskoye? Archeological finds say that this is the most ancient settlement in Moscow. The village Dyakovo on the territory of Kolomenskoye dates from V-III centuries B. C.  

   The village Kolomenskoye was on the way from the town Kolomna to Moscow. The legend says it was founded by the inhabitants of Kolomna escaping from Baty army. The first documental record about Kolomenskoye dates from 14 century – these are records in the spiritual writings of Ivan Kalita (1336-1339). At the beginning the village was a patrimony of the Grand Princes and then of the Russian tsars.

   As per data from historical resources the army of Dmitry Donskoy stayed here after the battle of Kulikovo in 1380 and the army of Peter the Great after the battle of Poltava in 1709.

   As mentioned, Kolomenskoye becomes a summer residence of Moscow governors from 14th century and in the period from 16 to 17 century a unique architectural complex was built.

   In 1528-1532 on the bank of Moskva river the first tent-shaped church was built by order of the tsar Vasiliy III – the Ascension Church. The legend says that the church was founded to pray for child birth and the miracle happened – after many years of childlessness the successor Ivan IV the Terrible was born in 1530. During more than 100 years this church has been a summer private church of the Russian governors. There is another interesting church on the territory -  the church of beheading of St. John the Baptist founded by Ivan the Terrible in 1547-1554 by the occasion of his coronation.


   During the reign of Alexey Mikhaylovich Kolomeskoye, being his favorite place, has flourished greatly. He has been coming here every summer during 30 years of his reign. Firstly it was used mainly for falconry but then it became a luxurious tsar residence. In 1667 a big wooden terem palace including other buildings around it was built very fast. The tsar court was surrounded by walls with three gates and big gardens were laid out. The palace terem was called the Eighth world miracle as it incarnated the best traditions of wooden architecture.

   When the capital was moved from Moscow to Saint-Petersburg, Kolomeskoye was gradually falling into decay. The had been demolished and reconstructed several times. Unfortunately the original is not extant till now but it was recreated exactly according to the extant drawings made during Ekaterina II reign not long time ago on the other part Kolomenskoye. Today it gives to its visitors an opportunity to see the interiors, authentic objects and imagine the way of life of the tsars of that epoch.



   Now Kolomeskoye is not only an outdoors museum but also a favorite pastime  place for Muscovites and its guests any time of the year.