Spaso-Andronikov monastery

   There are many places in Moscow that are not popular not even for the guests of the city but also for its inhabitants. I really love discovering them again and again. One of them is Spaso-Andronikov monastery, one of the most ancient in Moscow. As you may know the monasteries played a role of the fortresses in the ancient Russia.


   According to legend in 1360 to the south-east from Kremlin the metropolitan Alexiy making a vow built a monastery with a wooden cathedral.

   Spassky cathedral is the first cathedral of the monastery and it is one of the most ancient buildings remained till our days on the territory of Moscow. The interior of the cathedral was decorated by the famous talented painters Andrey Rublev and Daniil Cherny. There were also unique frescos but unfortunately only some separated pieces of them remained.

   The Spassky cathedral of the monastery suffered a lot from the fire of 1812 (when Napoleon decided to burn up Moscow). Even now in the walls of the cathedral one can see burnt smoked stones. After Napoleon’s banishment the cathedral was restored.

    At the end of 17th century in the monastery were also constructed some churches, stone walls and towers and a church with a large bell tower of 73 meters. Unfortunately today we can see this beauty only on this old photo as 3 churches among 5 including the bell tower have been cruelly demolished in 1930 during the period of soviet antireligious propaganda. Very cruel and ruinous time for cultural heritage of our country…



     In 1922-1928 the monastery was used as a colony for homeless children. Now it’s not acting but there are masses in the Spassky cathedral. Besides there is Andrey Rublev museum of the ancient  Russian art and culture.

   It’s a really good place for relaxing among a noisy city.