Izmaylovo estate

   Do you know that in Moscow there is an island? Not big but very peaceful where you can escape from the vanity of the noisy city. And where is hidden from this vanity an estate of the XIV century - Izmaylovo estate.

   Pokrovsky cathedral 1671-1679 (view from the pond)

Pokrovsky cathedral

   The estate on this place appeared in XIV century and at the beginning belonged to the boyar clan Izmaylovy, the surname of which gave the name to this historical place. 

   But the flourishing of the Izmaylovo estate is linked with the name of the tsar Alexey Mikhaylovich Romanov (who inherited the village) who developped his country residence here.  By 1670 year there was built a sumptuous Monarchic Court on the bank of the river Serebryanka which had been preliminary divided into two sleeves with weirs. Thereby the Izmaylovo village became an inaccessible island. 

   The front gates of the Monarchic Court 1682

The front gates of the Monarchic Court 1682

   The first palace and a church of Indien Iosaf were wooden and unfortunately are not conserved till today. Over the Serebryanny pond there was a big white stone bridge installed on 14 arch supports (a unique construction of that time). Unfortunately we can’t see it, it is neither conserved. But at the end of the bridge there was a Bridge tower built in 1674 and remained whole (you can see on this photo).

Bridge tower

   At the ancient time the ground floor of the Bridge Tower was occupied by the anagnosts, on the first floor was located the chamber of the Boyars’ Council and a bell tower on the top. Nowadays it is an exhibition hall where you can come and learn so many interesting things about the life of the Russian governors.

   The Pokrovsky church was built in 1671-1679 years on the main square instead of the old wooden church.

   Pokrovsky household cathedral 1671-1679

Pokrovsky household cathedral

   The tsar Alexey Mikhaylovich not only built an estate here but also organized a large experimental farm with a garden where were cultivated plants and fruit crops very exotic for this region including cotton, watermelons, grape, etc. The roads were laid, a wine and a glass plants built, linen manufactury, oil mill, mead plant, apiary, yards and poultries organized on the territory of the island. In the Izmaylovo village was also organized the first zoo in Russa with swans, henyard, leopards, tigers and even an elephant.      

   Just there spent his childhood and youth the great Russian emperor Peter the One and the birch groove of this place saw his first games as a military leader. Little-known but very important for the country fact – namely here the little boy Peter  found an english boat brought by english merchants to his grandfather. On this repaired  boat Peter in his 16 made his first navigation on Yauza river. Later the emperor would order to call the Izmaylovo village a “Cradle of the Russian float”. Now you can see this boat in the Central Naval museum in Saint Petersburg and here in memory of this event a monument to Peter the One was erected.

   Peter the Great monument

Peter the Great monument

   The unhurried life of the Izmaylovo estate, one of the favourite hunting grounds of the russian Imperial Court, was disturbed in 1812 during the French occupation. The estate had been ransacked and had been staying for long time in desolation. The emperior Nikolay I found a new designation for it, he built a military almshouse for the war veterans and the Pokrovsky cathedral became a household church. After the October Revolution in 1918 the almshouse was closed.

   In the period of 1920-1930 years the island was populated by the workers and the quiet life of the estate of the Russian tsars turned into a real mini town with shops, school, post, pharmacy etc and received the name “Town of Bauman”.

   At present just little things remind about that period of the island history: in one of the buildings of the almshouse there is a museum where is recreated the interior and way of life of the Soviet time communal appartment.

Bridge tower windows

Bridge tower windows

   It is very interesting to spend time on the island: to walk, contemplate, to listen to the interesting excursion or assist during one of the dramatized shows about the national culture. Also the evenings of poetry and songs, different concerts are organized here.

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