A far away kingdom

     How I visited a far away kingdom and even spent the night in a tower ..

    Recently I was invited to make a photo session in the Ryazan region at the park hotel "In a certain kingdom". I didn’t know that only 16 km from Ryazan there is an unusually fabulous place where it’s so great to relax and be filled with positive emotions.

   There is beauty at every turn: unique Russian-style chalets and turrets, where you can spend the night with maximum comfort, figures of characters from fairy tales, a small pond with a boat, a pine forest, a mini-zoo and a rope park for children, as well as a restaurant with royal decoration and of course Russian baths.

В Некотором царстве - Башня отель
в Некотором царстве  - домики
в Некотором царстве
 терем в Некотором царстве
Девушка в русском народном костюме с богатырями в Некотором царстве
 терем в Некотором царстве - ресепшен
Девушка в русском народном костюме на балконе терема в Некотором царстве
Кот в Некотором царстве

   An ideal place for weddings, photo shoots and other events in the Russian style! Our photo session was a success!

Now I’m dreaming to have a rest here with the whole family in the summer, swim in a forest lake, walk "along unknown paths, in the footsteps of unseen animals."

By the way, in 10 minutes drive from the complex there is a very significant place - the city of Solotcha and the Solotchinsky monastery. I'll tell you about it in one of the posts. And of course Ryazan - see my posts about this city under the #ruspirit_ryazan tag in INSTAGRAM