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For the insight of Russia you should not use your brain.
And measurement of Russia in common yards is vain.
It has a very special and very unique gist...
A great belief in Russia you ought just to persist!

Russian writer and poet Tutchev Fedor Ivanovich

Translation by Nikita Plusnin

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   Welcome to "Russian Spirit"! If you are here, you are certainly  interested to know more about Russia, to visit its glorious cities, to get into modest hamlets, to see picturesque nature, to hear the birches murmur and the ringing of church bells, to feel the smell of real Russian winter, to see the spaciousness of the fields and fervor of the Russian holiday, to read the poems of the Russian poets, to dip into rich history and traditions of the Slav people, to find Russian friends, to guess a riddle of the Russian soul…We are aboriginally Russian family, we love our country and want to let you explore it the best possible way, to destroy your stereotypes, to show you the most beautiful and significant places, to give you advice and create a trip which will remain an unforgettable trace in your soul and will surely make you come back again and again.

   Each time visiting other countries, we had desire to know in this or that country a person, who loves his land, who would show it to us from inside in details, would give advices, make nonstandard touristic itineraries. So we decided  to become ourselves such an advisor for you in our country hoping that you will trust us your wish to visit Russia.

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