Kiritsy estate


   This amazing palace of the XIX century is located in Kiritsy, Ryazan region.  It was an estate of the baron Sergey von Derwies who was one of the richest nobles of that time, Maecenas and cultural and public figure. It is really surprising to see a huge palace in this small town.

   It happened so that after the revolution there was here an agricultural college and later a health resort for the tubercular patients which is opened till today. To our regret it is closed for the tourists. Fortunately I was helped to enter and to walk inside. The problem is that this historical estate belongs to the Ministry of  Health and they don’t care of the historical view of the estate. Some time ago they restored only the main building and the beautiful ancient bridge, stairs, pavilion and other objects are being demolished. But they tell that they don’t need it.

   There are so many historical estate given for the medical institutions and it is so sad. I think the Ministry of Health can always find a modern building for the patients. And the historical buildings must be  museums opened for the tourists who will learn the history of their famous masters.