House with a tower

  Time to tell you about one more marvelous house in Tomsk. It is popularly called the "House with a tower" (built in 1904).

   By the way, this is another project of the architect Stanislav Khomich known from the Emerald House. It was intended for the father of a large family, the richest merchant Georgy Golovanov.

   Golovanov was born in a peasant family. He opened his first store when he was 42 years old. Over time, the merchant became one of the richest people in Siberia. He had 4 sons.

   In the tower was located a children's room of one of the sons; a spiral staircase led to it. It is noteworthy that the house is surrounded by a small garden, which makes it even more fabulous. Some trees have survived from the time the house was built..

   When the house was nationalized, it became a sanatorium for neurotic children, and during the war, when many evacuated, orphaned children began to be resettled in Tomsk, an orphanage was placed here. After the repair, the building was used by the Tomsk medical school.

   In 1993, the Center of German Culture undertook the restoration of the house, which lasted for 2 years. Since then, the building has been owned by this organization. Since its goal is to preserve and popularize the traditions of Russian Germans, here you can learn German for free, take part in master classes, dances ... During the events, the territory is open (I was just lucky), you can also go on an excursion inside the house. They say the interior has hardly changed.


Дом с шатром в Томске 1
Дом с шатром в Томске 2
Дом с шатром в Томске 3
Дом с шатром в Томске 4
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