Falcon in Russian tradition

   Since time immemorial, the falcon has been an important talisman of Slavic warriors, and its image occupies a worthy place in the tales and myths of the ancient Slavs, because it is this bird that heroes turn into in order to fight their enemy or evil spirits.


   And this is no coincidence: the falcon is a warlike bird, but it goes into the attack honestly, right in the forehead and without tricks. For example, if a falcon knocked its victim to the ground, it will never finish it off, but will continue the fight only when the opponent rises again.

   Also worth noting is the excellent vision of this bird. It is no coincidence that in the oral folk art, the heroes were called "clear falcons".

   In the falcon, people have always seen the power of the sky itself. On the one hand, he is warlike, courageous. But, on the other hand, he is noble, bright and kind. For him, honor and justice come first.

   These are all those qualities that are so inherent in a Russian warrior!

   You can get acquainted with the falcon and learn more about this bird at the Falconry Center not far from Moscow. It was there that we held this photo session and invite you.