Zaraisk Kremlin

   ЗарайскIt was a magical winter day! -15 degrees outside, the trees are so comfortably wrapped in snow-white frost, the sun floods everything around with magical golden light, we rush towards Ryazan, admiring the snow-covered Russian villages.

On the way, we stop at the small old town of Zaraysk (Moscow region). Zaraysk has long been in my plans! It was first mentioned in chronicles in 1146. And why such an ancient city is hardly known to anyone at all? Even Russians hardly heard about Zaraysk.

And by the way, the Kremlin of Zaraisk, built by order of the Sovereign of Moscow Vasily III in 1528-1531, is considered the only one fully preserved from the Moscow fortresses of that era. The walls of the Zaraisk Kremlin have seen a lot of things, but never in the entire history of their existence did they fall under the blows of the enemy!

In March 1533, the city was visited by Vasily III, and in 1550, 1555, 1556 and 1571 - by his son, Ivan the Terrible. In 1550, at his command, the Church of St. John the Baptist was erected in the Kremlin (it has not survived to this day).


 Now it is difficult to imagine, but in the 1570s a wooden fortress was built around the stone Kremlin, and wooden bridges were thrown across the ditches surrounding it. At that time, trade was in full swing here.

   By the way, throughout its history, the city has constantly changed its name. At first it was called the city of Osyotr (as the river on which it stands), then Krasny, and also Novgorodok-on-Sturgeon, and only in the 17th century the name Zaraysk was finally fixed.

   A traveler who finds himself in Zaraysk will certainly be amazed by the provincial architecture of the old part of the city. For example, the regular layout, given to him during the time of Catherine's reign, has been preserved. On the streets you can see merchant mansions built in the 18th-19th centuries, many of which still serve people.

   A museum is now open in the Kremlin, you can book a tour and even walk along the walls of the Kremlin. I highly recommend it.