New Jerusalem monastery

   This majestic architectural complex located in the environs of Moscow is New Jerusalem monastery. Its history was started in 1656 where a patriarch Nikon decided to recreate the Holy land of Palestine on the Russian land. He has chosen a very picturesque place on the board of Istra river which became a prototype of Jordan. As you see this river is not frozen in winter due to the water that runs beneath it. The sources feeding the Istra river have a constant temperature of 8 C, that’s why in winter the river is warmed up and in summer the water is cool. Mother nature amazes us all the time!


   Resurrection Cathedral is a real treasure of the whole complex. Amazing mixture of Russian and Palestinian style. Patriarch thought that the monastery would become the center of the whole orthodox world. One of the monks went to Jerusalem in order to make necessary measurements and create drafts of the cathedrals.

   Gradually New Jerusalem monastery became famous religious and cultural center. Thousands of pilgrims were coming here. During Great Patriotic War it was totally annihilated by the fascists – the cathedral, walls, towers and other buildings were exploded. So the complex that you can see today is totally reconstructed after the war.

   Address: Moscow region, Istra, Sovetskaya street, 2

   How to get there: by taxi or by train from Moscow: from Rijsky railway station (Rijskaya metro station) to Novojerusalimskaya or Istra station.