The House of Boyars Romanov

I know that many of my readers are planning a trip to Moscow for the holidays. And I will share not popular places in the capital, which, however, will be interesting to Muscovites too. Save.

⠀On Varvarka Street, several old buildings have been preserved. One of them is the House of Boyars Romanov.

⠀This is the only museum in Russia where you can get acquainted with all aspects of the patriarchal life of the Moscow boyars of the XVI-XVII centuries. Here we saw recreated interiors - both dwelling and utilities, furniture of the time, household items, clothes and utensils, tiled stoves, chests, old books, fabrics and more.

⠀The male half is on the first floor, all rooms are very dark. But the female one is at the very top, flooded with light, because the main occupation of women of that time was needlework. The boys passed from the male half to the female at the age of 5-6.

⠀The passages in the house are very narrow and for security reasons the passage is limited. Be prepared for the fact that you have to wait .. But at this time you can walk along the Zaryadye park.