the village of Podolets

This is again the case when in a far village you find a pearl of ancient Russian stone architecture in the style of Moscow patterning. Amazing!

It turns out that in 1659, when this temple was built, there was an estate of the princes Miloslavsky, associates of Ivan the Terrible. Their remains are also buried here.

The temple is similar to the boyar chambers, I walked around and admired it. What is remarkable:

First of all, there are 2 levels.

Secondly, a rather large and also two-storey chapel adjoins the temple, which makes it seem that there are actually two temples - five-domed and one-domed.

From the west, the refectory is adjoined by a monumental porch with arches of various shapes, moreover, asymmetrical, which makes the temple look like a fabulous terem!

Finally, this spectacular composition is complemented by a hipped bell tower, placed directly above the middle arch of the porch. The facades are full of different techniques adopted in patterning - trim with "kokoshniks", portals that differ in size and decor. And at the top, all this patterning is complemented by embossed onion domes.


After the revolution, the temple was closed and used as a warehouse. Local residents managed to keep the original bells, their ringing was used to announce the meetings of the villagers.

In the 2000s, the building was returned to the orthodox church and since then restoration has been underway, though very slowly at the expense of parishioners.

It must be very beautiful here in the summer, as the church is located by the pond.

You will be in Suzdal and Yuryev-Polsky, be sure to look here too - the village of Podolets (Vladimir region).