Zaryadye park

     This new Moscow view pretends to become classical as it appeared from the park Zaryadye. This new park is a precious present for the moskovites and the guests of our capital, real oasis in the very center of Moscow.

I'm so thankful that the government of Moscow decided to build the park Zaryadie and give the ancient street Varvarka back its historical view.



  The name Zaryadye means “behind the merchants’ rows”. It was a very prestigious trading district of medieval Moscow. Its location between the kremlin and the quay of the Moskva river was very advantageous. Zaryadiye was settled with Russian and foreign merchants. Even now there are some of the monuments conserved since that time: English court and boyars Romanov chambers.


   Фрагмент Сигизмундова плана Москвы. 1610 год

   MOSCOW Zaryadye 1610.


      The big fire of 1812 changed the view of the district and its social environment.  In the XIX-XX Zaryadia looked like aт Easter market.


   Вид на Зарядье со стороны Замоскворечья. 1884 год


   In 1935 according to Stalin general plan of Moscow reconstruction it was decided to demolish the trading rows and to build here one of the 8 Stalin skyscrapers. But the plans were not fated to be realized. Stalin deceased and the construction got frozen for 10 years. 


  Внешний вид проекта восьмой (так и не построенной) сталинской высотки

the 8the Stalin skyscrapers (not built)

   In 1967 a huge hotel Rossiya was built on the territory of Zaryadye. It was listed in the Guinness book of World Records as the biggest hotel in Europe.


Вид на Гостиницу Россия 1971 год



   In 1977 there was a big fire during which 45 people deceased. The reconstruction was very expensive and in 2006 they decided to demolish it. Since that time all the area has been closed behind the construction fence spoiling the view of the city center.  Finally they decided to open a park in this historical place! The area is organized according to the “Wild urbanism”.

   Address: метро Kitai-gorod or Okhotny ryad. The park is located behind the Varvarka street.