Pavlo-Posadsky headscarves

   Speaking about Russian culture, character and beauty of a Russian woman it is obligatory to mention Pavlo-Posadsky headscarves. They have already 200year history and stay very popular nowadays.

Pavlo-Posadsky headscarve

   A headscarf has been always an obligatory attribute of a Russian national costume. A woman couldn’t leave the house bareheaded as it was considered very improper. This tradition is still conserved in the church where it is still forbidden for a woman to enter without a headscarf or a shawl on the head.

Russian national costume

   In the traditional illustrations of the scarves there always were ancient pagan images and symbols such as singing birds, life tree, image of a swan that served as amulets. Later to these ornaments they add antique flower vases and French bouquets. Also there were notes of oriental ornaments.

ornaments of the headscarve

   A factory for manufacturing the headscarves with printed pictures was launched in 1795 in the city of Pavlovsky Posad by two merchants Yakov Labzin and Vasily Gryaznov and only after 50 years it became a big trading house which made the city of Pavlovsky Posad famous all over the world. During all XIX century the enterprise has been extending and growing rich and at the beginning of XX “Textiles partnership of Labzin and Gryznov” is the biggest enterprise in Russia for manufacturing wool headscarves and shawls with more than 2000 workers.

   The image was put on the tissue by means of the special wooden forms. And only in the 70s of XIX century the technology became more simple – by stenciled printing.

Pavlo-Posadsky headscarves

   Masters and painters of the Pavlo-Posadsky headscarves textiles gladden the eyes of their admirers even today by refined images and ornaments which are constantly being modernizing and improving but conserving the stylistics and traditions of the old masters.

   A luxury roses of different colors became a symbol of Pavlo-Posadsky headscarf. And its established style is from larger image on the edges to the smaller one in the center. The tones number in the image is from 10 up to 18 and even 30.

symbol of Pavlo-Posadsky headscarf

   With the changing times the Pavlo-Posadsky headdresses started to be worn in wider contexts and have become a favorite accessory of stylish ladies and even an inspiration for Russian haute couture designers. They are worn in variety of styles. Regardless of season, for special occasions or just casually. They are widely regarded as a beautiful, high quality and chick accessory.  

Russian souvenir, an original headscarf, a shawl

   The skillful craftswomen sew the stylish dresses, coats and other clothes from the Pavlo-Posadsky shawls. It is getting more and more popular these days. If you want to buy an original headscarf, a shawl or another accessory or Russian souvenir but can’t come to Russia soon, you can write us an e-mail on and we will help you to choose and will send it to you by post or courier.