House with Firebirds

     Another beautiful building in the city of Tomsk - the so-called house with Firebirds.

   It is surrounded by other houses that form the estate of the merchant Leonty Zhelyabo. First, the merchant built a house for himself, then an outbuilding for rent, and then another one for his daughter Barbara. The project belongs to the architect Pyotr Fedorovsky. Perhaps nowhere else in Tomsk is there a house with such an interesting decor and such an unusual compositional solution of the facade in the form of balconies with firebirds on its three sides. By the way, the house became a wedding present, perhaps that is why it was so richly and unusually decorated.


Дом с жар-птицами в томске

     Since the moment of nationalization, the house has always been residential. Now people also live there, and several families, each in its own apartment. But not all of the firebirds from the façade remained in this building. Several firebirds of a wedding present are now in the Museum of Wooden Architecture - they were given during the restoration of the building.

House address: Tomsk, st. Krasnoarmeiskaya, 67/1