Wooden architecture museum in Istra

   If you came to Moscow but want to see the Russian countryside, you should absolutely order our tour to Istra (Check it here (ссылка на тур). It is one of the beautiful  towns of Moscow region which is famous with its amazing New Jerusalem monastery  and wooden architecture museum.

   What is wooden architecture museum in Russia? It’s a recreated Russian village of the XVIII-XIX centuries in some picturesque place where were brought the original wooden houses, churches and utility buildings from different villages all over Russia. Visiting a wooden architecture museum, you can get acquainted with the houses and way of life of the Russian peasants of the XVIII-XIX centuries.




   The wooden architecture in Istra is not big but it is the closest to Moscow museum of this kind. There are 3 exhibits on its territory: a peasant house with yard and recreated interior, a bell tower and a wind mill.

   Besides there is a small farm with domestic animals, so you can ride a horse or feed a goat.

   You will need a whole day to visit the monastery and the wooden architecture museum and to enjoy walking in this picturesque place surrounded by wood and the river Istra.

   And of course it’s the perfect place for the photoshoot in the Russian style in the colorful national costumes.

   You can also order the photoshoot as an option to your tour to Istra.


   How to get there: by taxi or by train from Moscow:from Rijsky railway station (Rijskaya metro station) to Novojerusalimskaya or Istra station. Or by the private transport within the ordered guided tour.

   Opened: every day except Monday and the last Friday of the month