Learn Russian

   Russian is one of the east Slavic languages, national language of the Russian people. It is one of the most prevailing languages of the world. Russian language is also the most prevailing Slavic language and is the State language of the Russian Federation, one of two state languages in Belarus, one of the official languages of Kazakhstan, Kirgizia and some other countries, a principal language for international communication in the Central Eurasia, in the Eastern Europe and in the countries of the ex-Soviet Union, one of six operating languages of U.N.O., UNESCO and other international organizations. 

Learn Russian

   In the history of the Russian language there are three main periods: ancient Russian, common for Byelorusian and ukranian languages (VI-XIV centuries), old Russian or great Russian (XIV-XVII centuries) and a period of national Russian language (from the middle of XVII century). The written language is Cyrillic alphabet.

   The most common words and phrases:

  • Hello! – Здравствуйте (Zdravstvujte)
  • Hi – Привет (Privet)
  • Good day! – Добрый день (Dobryj den’)
  • How are you? – Как поживаете (Kak pozhivaete)
  • Thank you  - Спасибо (Spasibo)
  • You are welcome – Пожалуйста (Pozhalujsta)
  • Please – Пожалуйста (Pozhalujsta)
  • Yes – Да (Da)
  • No – Нет (Njet)
  • Good bye! – До свидания (Do svidanija)
  • Bye bye! – Пока (Poka)

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