Nice to meet you, Moscow (duration 5 hours) from $58

   Walking tour

   You are for the first time in Moscow? You should see from where it began. We are glad to present you a private guided classical walking tour in the very heart of Moscow. You will see and get acquainted with the following places of interest:


  1. Lubyanka Square and the observation area in the Central Children’s Store with amazing Moscow view!
  2. Nikolskaya street
  3. Most beautiful stations of Moscow metro
  4. Revolution Square and Bolshoi Theater
  5. Red Square:

    - Kazan cathedral
    - GUM (with coming inside)
    - Saint Basils Cathedral (with coming  inside)
    - Spasskaya Tower
    - Lenin Mausoleum (with coming inside)
    - Historical Museum and Resurrection Gate

  6. Alexander Garden
  7. Christ the Savior Cathedral (with coming inside) and The Patriarch’s Bridge
  8. Vorobyevy hills or Moskva river cruise with amazing views (option)



  1. Going to Vorobyevy hills by the cable road with your guide.
  2. The Moskva River cruise.

   Included: personal guide speaking your language, entry tickets into Saint Basil’s Cathedral, transfer from the hotel by metro and back by taxi if needed


Price from $120