Photobook made with photos

   Friends, we suggest placing your photos in beautiful photo books that will delight you and your descendants. In addition, this is a great gift for your parents and loved ones. All books have a hard cover, good spread and dense photo paper. The book can be delivered in a beautiful gift box.

   How to order a photo book:

   After you receive a link with the edited photos, you can select the ones you like most of all and send me a list of numbers. It is also possible to include in the book all photos at once.

   After agreeing on the size of the book, the number of spreads, the final cost and delivery, I will proceed to make the layout. As soon as the book is printed in the print shop, I will notify you of its delivery.


   Sizes and cost of photo books (cm):

15x20, 18x13, 10 spreads – 30 USD
20x20, 10 turns – 40 USD
20x28, 28x20, 10 turns – 50 USD
25x25, 28x20, 10 turns – 60 USD
30x30, 10 turns – 70 USD
Triple photo frame made of thick cardboard 21x30 – 20 USD


- Surcharge for an additional spread is 5 USD.
- For some sizes of books, there may be less spreads, the cost is recalculated.
- Worldwide shipping is possible, it’s not included in the indicated price, the cost is 20 USD by EMS.

You can order it in our online-store.