Serghiev Posad - a jewel in the Golden Ring of Russia (duration 6 hours) from $53

   Serghiev Posad is a town in Moscow region included in the famous touristic itinerary “Golden Ring of Russia”. Its name is directly linked to the name of Venerable Sergius of Radonezh (Sergey Radonejsky). During this tour you will visit one of the most important Russian monasteries Saint Trinity Laure and know why the name of Sergey Radonejsky is sacred for the Russian people.


   It will take us about 1,5-2 hours to go to Serghiev Posad by a comfortable car.

   What you will see:

  • Observation area with amazing view of all the architectural complex of Saint-Trinity Laure complex
  • The architectural complex of Saint-Trinity Laure: 4 amazing cathedrals with coming inside,  bell tower.
  • Lifting up the bell tower of 88 meters with the excursion in order to enjoy the views on Serghiev Posad (option)
  • Museum of Serghiev Posad with the excursion about the Russian village or  Matreshka (option)

   Included: guided tours in English or in your language, entry ticket, transfer from the hotel and back


   Price from $53 (6 persons 5-6 hours) and $73 (6 persons 7-8 hours)