Yalutorovsky Ostrog

    The photo shows the Siberian town of Yalutorovsk and one of its main sights - Yalutorovsky Ostrog.

   Once upon a time there was a Tatar settlement Yavlu-Tura (from these words the modern name of the city comes from). In 1659 on this place the Russians founded the Yalutorovsky wooden fortress surrounded by a palisade.

⠀ In 2009, it was recreated according to archival data in the same place and immediately became very popular among tourists.

   As in the old days, folk festivals take place here, residents of Tyumen and the region come on holidays to relax and have fun, for example, sing ditties, have round dances or take part in baking the biggest pancake. Such festivities were also organized for our excursion group.

   A very beautiful temple, rebuilt in the architectural style typical of these places, adds color to this place.